SKXLL™ History

SKXLL is the main competitive branch of SKILL Family. Mainly focused around assembling teams for competitive play. We like to provide many opportunities for our members to taste the heat as we have participated in the Blitz Pro League (BPL2), ClanWars (CW) variation and in-game tournaments.

BPL2 7/68 Format

Our first BPL was #2 which used a 7/68 point format. This meant we used Six Tier 10’s and One Tier 8, or Five Tier 10’s and Two Tier 9’s. This was a very great run, with fun and enjoyable games against teams from Pramo, PURPL, -GP-, _V_, STR8, HEATR, DRSIA, and KRONO.


Premature_Evacuation (Captain), Whitetails  (Caller), UniqueImpact (Caller), Anth8ny, Rolling_Thunder, Tanker070, Jonsanchez, Tankhbou123, and Big_Brothers_Ban_Hammer.

Basically Pramo Roster 2017 (in-game Tournaments)

Premature_Evacuation (Captain), Whitetails, UniqueImpact, ApolloKnight, BlueBerryTwist_X, Big_Brothers_Ban_Hammer, Tanker070, Anth8ny, and Tankhbou123

Basically Purpl Roster 2017

ForgottenProphet (Captain), __RED__, AMDIV2001, Jonsanchez, BeerSlayer, QuantumMachine, Scharfschutze_QB, Weiss_Schnee, and Rolling_Thunder

We been fortunate to host these teams and thankful for many good memories they brought to SKILL Family.
Our Sincere Gratitude towards all the efforts these people put forth.

While many players may have moved on, teams like “Basically Pramo” showed the strong effectiveness of team work and value of understanding each-other.