Our Regime

Our Philosophy at core
We value people first then stats, knowing more about each other every day. We strive to communicate on Discord daily, about life, gg’s, tactics and our goals. We are a large regiment of 5 batallions.


The Legacy Division of The SKILL Family

Represents Legends of SKILL family, people who built our family hold this division for actively engaging within our community.

Recruitment for [SKILL]  is done via sponsorship system.
Incoming recruit must be sponsored by current member of [SKILL] to be considered.



The Tournament Division of SKILL Family.  Discord and training sessions are required. Our goal is to participate in as many tournaments as  possible and represent the The SKILL Family with pride.

Division [SKXLL] of SKILL Family

  • Represents Competitive division of The SKILL Family, people who hold great interest for Tournaments are welcome to join.
  • Open division for players of SKILL Family, who wish to take part in tournaments. Must contact on discord for questions.