SKXLL History

SKXLL is the main competitive branch of SKILL Family. Mainly focusing around Tier 10, we have a small tier 6-8 competitive groups as well. We are currently participating in game tournaments.

Took part in Clan Wars 4 as we did in CW1, CW2, and CW3.

BPL2 7/68 Format

Our first BPL, was number 2 which used a 7/68 point format. This meant we used Six Tier 10’s and One Tier 8, or Five Tier 10’s and Two Tier 9’s. This was a very great run, with fun and enjoyable games against teams from Pramo, PURPL, -GP-, _V_, STR8, HEATR, DRSIA, and KRONO.


Premature_Evacuation (Captain), Whitetails  (Caller), UniqueImpact (Caller), Anth8ny, Rolling_Thunder, Tanker070, Jonsanchez, Tankhbou123, and Big_Brothers_Ban_Hammer.

We are fortunate to have the time we had and thankful to those who sacrificed personal time to bring us success.
all of our achievements are dedicated to our teams and to motivate those who think competitive Blitz is only for the elite.