The Competitive Division of SKILL Family.  Discord and training  sessions are required.  There is also WR  and WN8 requirement of your 30 day stats. Our goal is to participate in as many tournaments as  possible and represent the The SKILL Family with proud.

Division [SKXLL] of SKILL Family

  • Represents Competitive division of The SKILL Family, people who hold great interest for Tournaments are welcome to join.
  • Recruitment duties are performed by LEADS of [SKXLL],  if any questions bring it up on discord and connect with LEADS.
  • Open division for players of SKILL Family, who wish to take part in tournaments. Must contact on discord and discuss the details with LEADS of [SKXLL]

Current LEADS of [SKXLL]

Big_Brothers_Ban_Hammer (Commander)

chasey_boy (Deputy)

Sirrobotic (Deputy)

SplFrcsCWO (Deputy)

Please Connect in-game or via (link>) SKILL Community discord server