Provisionary Division of SKILL Family. 

We help our members transition into Divisions of SKILL Family.

Serves as Probationary place for players of SKILL Family

Discord is not required for this Clan but recommended for community events.

–Disclaimer– Deputies may exclude any members who haven’t connected 1on1 with them. Members hold responsibility to introduce themselves to all the Deputies to avoid being excluded.

  • Contact current Deputies/LEADS if you wish to rotate in.
  • Must not surpass 30days of inactivity since last battle played.
  • Our Players can stay in [SKL-A] as long as they need to. ¬†
  • To take part in Competitive events and/or Tournaments, players must rotate out to [SKL-C] or other participating¬†Division of SKILL Family.

Current LEADS of [SKL-A]

tanker070 (Commander)

ShamanBG (Deputy)

Browns_WFNY via Banana_Master1_015 (Deputy access)

Destroyer1058 (Deputy)

Itslifedealwithit (Deputy)

Snitches_Laden (Deputy)

Mister_ongo (Deputy)

poloLOCo117 (Deputy)

Jake21a (Deputy)

OttawaJim (Deputy)

lababablob (Deputy)

??Any Questions?? Please contact in-game or via (link>) SKILL Community discord server.