Home of the Casual Competitive players of SKILL Family. Discord is strongly recommended for community events and practice sessions for building in tournaments and Clan Wars.

DIvision [SKL-D] “Deftness”

  • Represents Casual Competitive players of SKILL Family.
  • Players who show an interest  for being  a part of the competitive clan in tournys are welcome to train here. Players will increase their stats, and learn to play as a competitive team for future tournaments.
  • Members must contact Current LEADS of [SKL-D] if they wish to take part.
  • Discord is needed for competitive activities and community events.

Current Officers of [SKL-D]

Blazer201 (Commander)

 195thboltz (Deputy)

Arrowinaddic (Deputy)

Fastedz09 (Deputy)

jscottmsc (Deputy)

??Any Questions?? Please contact in-game or via (link>) SKILL Community discord server.