Discord Server Info

Our Discord invite Code = https://discord.gg/NfVBvdX

Discord Guide: https://discordguide.us/guides.html#/index

By staying on our server you agree to terms stated Below.

All Members Must Have Same Username as InGameUserName followed by clan tag
example: tanker070 [SKILL]

:straight_ruler: Community Standards :straight_ruler:

It is the goal of the Skill coalition of clans to enhance the gaming experience and social interactions of our members by fostering a supportive and positive environment where all members, regardless of skill level, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability or health status are welcome and supported. Common sense application of basic rules of civility and sportsmanship are necessary to prevent the creation of a hostile social environment. The following actions are prohibited and may result in sanctions ranging from warnings and temporary bans, to exclusion from the clan.

  • Threats of violence to members

  • Posts which are insulting to members based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or health condition.

  • Use of hurtful racial slurs.

  • Posting Excessive profanity that violates any of the above.

  • Harassing players and spreading unrest in community will result in permanent ban from all SKILL associations.

Sanctions for violations of the community standards are at the discretion of the moderator and LEADS but may include a warning, a temporary ban, or exclusion from the community. Any member receiving 3 warnings is subject to exclusion.

“Just don’t be a dick” – Advise from Admins

For any questions you can contact one of the admins or Mods below.

Tanker070, GenPattonTank, chasey_boy, aztsgt, rusty_CHEVY, Ace_of_spades1216, and DobyIR

mall.ninja42, Sirrobotic, and Withskell

Use your best judgment, if there is a shred of doubt in your mind over the appropriateness of the content, don’t post it.