DISCORD  Participation is Strongly Recommended We Greatly Value Communication Between Our Members  —-Invitation code—- Discord HELP CENTER  [Official website] -OR- Paste this [ bkafJyJ ] Invitation Code in Discord. Set up your account in Discord with your BLITZ USERNAME AND CLAN TAG example: sirrobotic [SKILL] Discord is cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. It is […]

Hunt like a Leopard || Leopard 1 tips

Author: Meadowhawk From Wot PC clan [o7] My love for the Germany T10 medium, the Leopard 1, comes with an extreme bias due to my experiences with the Canadian variant, the Leopard C1, during my time in the Canadian military.  It is not a tank for the faint of heart and while having arguably the […]

The Art of War

This narration is geared towards players who are looking to understand the Philosophy behind a Team oriented game.  Even though we are commanders of pixel tanks, this book by Sun Tzu helps us to see the battlefield from the eyes of a well respected Commander.  Bridging concepts from this video to our game play might […]