The Discord

On the Discord server you'll find all of our up to date news, and get some one on one experience with some of our most active members.

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The Podcast

A few of SKILL family's leads have come together and are making a podcast. We suggest you listen in!

The YouTube

Our very own Ace has been making videos and guides along with clan wars video coverage. Check it out!

SKXLL History

SKXLL is the main competitive branch of SKILL Family. Mainly focusing around Tier 10, we have a small tier 6-8 competitive groups as well. We are currently participating in game tournaments. Took part in Clan Wars 4 as we did in CW1, CW2, and CW3. BPL2 7/68 Format Our first BPL, was number 2 which […]

Quintessence of Community

SKILL brotherhood Requirements for Clans       This is a closely-knit group of tankers, members of this group are held to higher standards on and off the battlefield. No number scale justifies us.  Being respectful, good sport, and team player are some of the must haves to make it into this group. A tanker must […]