Discord Server Info

We Greatly Value Communication Between Our Members Who find joy in World of Tanks Blitz & World of Warships Blitz

It is the goal of the SKILL Family to enhance the gaming experience and social interactions of our members by fostering a supportive and positive environment. All are welcome and supported who believe our broad-minded vision. Basic rules of civility and sportsmanship are necessary to prevent the creation of a hostile social environment. Harassing players and spreading unrest in community will result in a ban from all [SKILL] associations. Use your best judgment, if there is a shred of doubt in your mind over the appropriateness of the content, don’t post it. Sanctions for violations of the community standards are at the discretion of the LEADS. Punishments include: Ban without notice.

SKILL Server invite code:  NfVBvdX ||  Discord HELP CENTER << [Official website link]

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Our Discord invite Code _link_ = https://discord.gg/NfVBvdX