The Discord

On the Discord server you'll find all of our up to date news, and get some one on one experience with some of our most active members.

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The Podcast

A few of SKILL family's leads have come together and are making a podcast. We suggest you listen in!

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The YouTube

Our very own Ace has been making videos and guides along with clan wars video coverage. Check it out!

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Quintessence of Our Community

We Cherish our passion to become one of the best in Blitz and Strive to have a good time Together while being on this journey.

Our mission is to Assist You to Realize your potential by actively supporting our community. We are known to be proud of Our Comrades who are in for a good time no matter the occasion.

Official Clans Supported by SKILL Family
[SKILL]  [_SYN_]  [SKL-D]  [SKL-O]  [SKL-A]

Look around and Jump in to learn about Our family.
You can find the info about our Discord Server in the Discord Info page here!

Don’t forget to apply to SKILL FAMILY HERE!

Do you have something to share? A guide, a question, maybe just some tips and tricks? Check out the SKILL FAMILY FORUMS. You can find them HERE!

Lastly, some wise words that we abide by
Ask not what your Team can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your Team.

——JFK, edited by tanker070